FreeClimb VR


FreeClimb is a speedrun VR level, where you try to scale a natural wall up as fast as possible.

Project Information


Project Website: coming soon!
Date: 4th semester (2017)
Duration: 3 weeks
Team Size: 3 people
Technology: Unity 3D, HTC Vive, Blender, Substance Designer, C#, Photoshop, audacity
Constraints: Iceworld, VR.
My Part: FreeClimb was a 3 weeks gamejam. My part in the development was making the shaders (snow shaders), level design, programming the audiomanager and recording sounds and animating the pickaxes.

What I learned


From working together with Nils and Thomas, I learned how to adopt my project plans for a three weeks projects, to have enough challenge but not taking to much of it. Making the game, I also learned alot about the limitations of the current graphic pipeline, for developing VR games.


Making of

Reflecting back on our teamwork, we learned alot about content creation in a small team under time constrains and how important it is that the workflow of one is accessible to the other.

Members: Thomas Otto, Nils Bernatzki, Shahriar Shahrabi

I wrote a shader which takes in all metallic workflow maps for stone and snow and depending on certain parameters applies a layer of snow over it. The snow takes the micro details of the normal map into consideration.

I wrote an algorithm which dynamical changes the factor which determines the strength of effects such as reverb, EQ, low pass and echo, to the shape of the level, based on the height of the player and a already defined function.

I learned a lot about balancing in new ways for VR. First I designed the level on paper which I later translated to the digital form. Thomas took the simple blockouts at the end and modeled the meshes over it.