Kenesis is a VR experience made to explore the feeling of power. You can move cubes from a range of 1 cm to 1 km. Other cubes follow the cube you control in a swarm behavior depending on their size.

Project Information



Project Website: coming soon!
Date: 3rd semester (2016)
Duration: 3 days
Team Size: 4 people
Technology: Unity 3D, C#, HTC Vive
Constraints: VR Hackday
My Part: With the small amount of time available, all team members participated in all the areas of development such as designing the level, coding and visual aspects. I focused mainly on coding the movement and behaviors.

What I learned


Being the first VR game I made, I learned the basic of the technical sides of VR but even more what it means to make VR games and how different the design process is.