Superflight is a game about the feeling of speed, adrenaline and discovery. Explore an endless number of procedurally generated worlds as you soar through them and perform daring maneuvers at breakneck speeds. Discover new worlds, explore and master the ones you’ve found and share your favorites with friends and fellow gamers.

Project Information



Project Website:
Date: 3th semester (2016)
Duration: 3 months
Team Size: 3 people
Technology: Unity 3D, C#, Blender
Constraints: Make a finished game out of 12 objects prefabs. The product should be commercializable and marketed.
My Part: I worked on all areas of the game to different degrees, so did Friedemann and Paul. However I did make the most contribution to the programming of the UI, camera movement and playermovement.

What I learned


With SuperFlight I learned what I need to commercialise a video game. I learned a lot from my teammates about working professionally on a commercial product but at the same keep a good life balance and not letting the product to consume me.


Making of

To refelect on our teamwork, and help each other to learn, was always a focus in the development of SuperFlight.

Members: Friedemann Allmenröder, Paul Schnepff, Shahriar Shahrabi

With SuperFlight, we participated in a variaty of events such as Quo Vadis, Maker Faire Festival and the HiveFive. SuperFlight was also nominated for best of Quo Vadis 2017.

Making SuperFlight, we tried many different approaches. We did analoge prototyping to communicate und test concepts, we made plans daily and weekly. We used the walls around us as  a task managment board, a design board and a general timeline. People were invited on regular basis to give us feedback in structured meetings.

Before deciding to make SuprFlight, we made a lot of prototypes which we pitched one another to decide for the best idea.