Visual Routine


Visual routine is a service for people who want to present an idea. We bring the procedures of a given system in an interactive miniature model in VR to life.

Project Information

Date: 4th semester (2017)
Duration: 3 weeks
Team Size: 3 people
Technology: Unity 3D, HTC Vive, Blender, C#, Photoshop
Constraints: Virtual Exhibition.
My Part: With Nils, we mostly concentrated on the programming of the AIs. We aimed for a modular code base which can be applied to any given agent and further developed for any given setting.

What I learned


Since we had to work apart from one another, I learned a lot about communicating in a team. Programming with Nils and working with him from distance, was a challenge which we solved by making clear rules about who works where and how to name things. We also put a strong focus on workflow and how to optimize the efficiency of team members.


Making of

Since this is the second project which we did together, we tried to improve on areas which didnt work out as well the last time.

Members: Thomas Otto, Nils Bernatzki, Shahriar Shahrabi

We focused on making an abstract system which can be easily applied to different needs through inheritance. It was important that we could easily change the usage of the AI to different things.

We spend a few days exploring different ideas.

We made a modular system, which works based on smaller tile sets which are snapped in a Voxel grid. Making the level like this, we could all build a building without the need of 3D program.