WEAR is a fashionable solution to a better socialization in events and conferences. It uses the augmented reality technology and images distorted in a unique ways, to show the virtual visit card of a person to the next. Using a companion app you would have the possibility to connect to a person on all the chosen social medias through making a selfie with them.

Project Information


Project Website: none.
Date: 4th semester (2017)
Duration: 2 days
Team Size: 8 people
Technology: Unity 3D, Vuforia,  C#, Photoshop
Constraints: Fashion and technology meet!
My Part: Max and I did pair programming in the project. We developed the app and took care of all the technological side of the project.

What I learned


Working for the first time with a massive number of people, I learned about project management in larger groups. I learned that it is important to be unafraid of conflict and you need different approaches to make sure everyone is aligned with the design pillars.


Making of

Even though we only had two days, we still took 1 day to figure out our Teamwork and design pillars. Worthy of mention is that the team was made out of people from different countries, disciplines who did not knew each other before hand.

Members: Max Warsinke, Hagar Elazari, Tali Berger, Marina Wilhem, Farnaz Zamanian, Tamara Efrat, Shahriar Shahrabi.

For the patterns on the T-shirts, we developed a scanning technique which distorts a given image in a unique way. As an example we distorted iconic video game characters which we applied in the app.

We used Vuforia to implement the AR technology in Unity. We also made concepts for future development such as visualization of the data in a graphic way, gamification of interacting with other people and collecting their visit cards and more.