Samuel D’Ark


The young European journalist Samuel, decides to pursuit truth in the land of his fathers during the Syrian civil war. Kidnapped by the local forces he is trained in the art of killing and forced to do their bidding. Running away from the extremists he finds himself being persecuted from the west because of his crimes. Since then Samuel stands in the middle of the conflict and can see a truth visible to no one else.

Project Information


Date: 1th semester (2015)
Duration: 1 month
Technology: Sculpy, photoshop
Constraints:  Ghost rider. Character design using a sculpture made per hand as a basis and illustrating over it.
Project description: Make a sculpture using Sculpy and then photograph the sculpture, illustrate over it.

What I learned


It was one of my first long projects. I learned about design principles, research, documentation and thoughtout workflows. I think the most important thing that I learned however, was that more work doesn’t equal better results. Quite the contrary hard work in a project can lead to a disaster if the balance isn’t being kept.


Making of

Working with my hands taught me alot about 3D.

It took a while to figuer out the character of Samuel.

I always tried different things and asked for feedbacks.